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Did you know?

  • Bulgaria is a country, that has been named Bulgaria for the last 1300 years.

    Alexander Nevski Cathedral

    Alexander Nevski Cathedral

  • The Balkan peninsula was named after the Balkan mountains, which cross the territory of Bulgaria from the west to the east.
  • On the territory of Bulgaria had been discovered the relics of Europe’s most ancient population – the Thracians.
  • In Bulgaria are located 7 historical and 2 nature landmarks, that are under the protection of the UNESCO world heritage preserving fund.
  • In the city of Plovdiv is situated one of the best preserved ancient Amphitheaters, dating from the year 98 BC.
  • The world’s oldest golden treasure has been excavated nearby the city of Varna – dated about 5000 year BC.
  • The Rila Monastery (under the protection of UNESCO) is the largest monastery in the Balkan peninsula.
  • Bulgaria is the homeland of the mystical and legendary musician Orpheus, and is the birth place of the great gladiator Spartacus.
  • In Bulgaria, the tradition of the “Nestinarstvo” is preserved – a ritual fire dance on red hot charcoals.
  • Bulgaria is situated in the very center of the Balkan peninsula, and it is the land, where the traditions, cuisine, music and dances of the Balkan nations have formed an amazing mixture.
  • Some of the best wines in Europe are produced in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria is the original birthplace of the yogurt.
  • Bulgaria is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of rose oil.

Roses-Valley We can tell you much more facts about Bulgaria, that will amaze and impress you. 

  We would rather show you!


  Our Zelanos Tours mission

We will reveal you the beauty and treasures of Bulgaria in a unique mode, which will leave you full of magnificent memories of your trip, and make you fall in love with our country. We are going to show you the authentic Bulgaria – the world famous and the secret sites, the fantastic cuisine and wines, the impressive nature, the ancient relics and the always welcoming and smiling Bulgarians.

The Authentic Bulgaria.


Why should you prefer traveling with Zelanos Tours?

  1. Quality without compromise – Zelanos Tours is a symbol of the highest quality in the offered tourist services.

    Rila Monastery

    Rila Monastery

  2. One-day tours – guaranteed departure, start and finish at your hotel, bonus options.
  3. Our guaranteed departure tours, which follow established routes, are intensive, perfectly organized and with plenty of visitations to many landmarks, so you would have enough time to observe and enjoy them. Every month we offer two guaranteed departure dates for each tour.
  4. Our thematic tours will reveal to you the must-see landmarks in your area of interests, also following established routes.
  5. Our tours on request of the client, are prepared to satisfy all your demands.

 Quality with no compromises.


How do we realize your dreams?

Our Zelanos tours:

1) Are executed only by highly qualified and licensed tour guides, which will reveal to you not only the famous sites, but will also lift the curtain for the little known, untypical spots, local traditions and hidden secrets

Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv

Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv

2) Our drivers are experienced and will guarantee you a safe trip with a smile

3) The transport we provide is executed by luxurious and modern vehicles

4) The hotels, offered in our tours, are with guaranteed best quality in their class.

Our tours are executed in small, compact groups, with personal care and attention for every individual.

Personal treatment for every client.


Our pillars of philosophy:

  1. Witness the real Bulgaria.
  2. Discover authentic Bulgaria.
  3. Quality with no compromises.
  4. Personal treatment for every client.

Bulgaria – it’s worth feeling. 






Enjoy Ancient Bulgaria!

Sincerely yours,

Gorcho Pasev

General Manager – Zelanos team

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